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Oh, hi! My name is Lukas Fritsch and I'm currently turning my passion of creating magic on computers and all kind of media into profession. I love making games and animations!

Multimedia Production

From Concept to Final Product
Passionate, organized Work

Game Design

Unity + Playmaker
Construct 2


2D: Spine, Spriter2D, Adobe Animate, Basics in AfterEffects 3D: Basics in Blender and 3dsMax

Web Development & Design

CSS Animations
CMS: Wordpress, Joomla!, Contao
Basics in PHP and JavaScript

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere
Sony Vegas & Movie Studio
Camtasia Studio

All Tools For Creative Production

Adobe Creative Cloud
(e.g. Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator)
gitHub, SourceTree
Reaper, Magix, Audacity
Microsoft Office


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„Nobody is attending“ WON the Indiegameleon 2015
Our little adventure game „Nobody is attending“ won the IndieGameleon Gamejam 2015! It was made in less than 48 hours and we are very proud
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BOMB ‚N‘ TUNE gets honoured!
I’m very proud to announce, that „Bomb ’n tune“ a game Lars Engel and I worked on the last year, got awarded with the „Gläserner
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Lunchtime (Animated Short)
A lonely guy makes new friends with a few dogs in the park. But everything might turn out very different in the end. „Lunchtime“ is an animated
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Fish&Ship (Augmented Reality Game Builder)
A Prototype for an Augmented Reality Leveldesign-Building-Set, where users could build their own levels by placing markers in front of a camera. The idea behind
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Retro-Game Like Website
A Website made with Contao CMS coded in HTML5, CSS and CSS Animations. This website is designed to feel like youre playing an retro game
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Business Game Jam in Barcelona
Since we won the IndieGameleon Gamejam 2015, we got invited to the JamToday Fair Business Jam in Barcelona. Gamejammer from all over the world came
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I'm Lukas from Hamburg and I'm 28 years old. Since I was a little kid, I was amazed by movies and videogames. Playing LucasArts Adventures like “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” with my parents in front of our family-computer had a big impact on my whole life and boosted my creativity. Making movies and games as a hobby helped me to gain experience in all important production steps, from pre- to postproduction. Right now I’m studying “Multimedia Production” in Kiel, Germany, which helps me to lift my multimedia skills to a new level. I hope that I get to work in the games industry afterwards, until then I am gathering experience through as many gamejams and personal projects as possible.


1989 - Born

2010 - Abitur

2010-2013 - Apprenticeship in Market Research @ AnswerS Berlin

2013-2014 - Project Manager @ AnswerS Berlin

2014 - Started studying "Multimedia Production, BA" in Kiel

2016 - 2017 - Working As 2D Animatior for the Mobilegame "Kawaidas Journey"
And as student assistent @ CAU Kiel (Video Production)

2017 - 2018 - Game Designer (Intern and Working Student) for "Lords and Knights" @ XYRALITY

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