Epic Mage Battle

What happens if the two mightiest wizards of all the time meet each other on the top of the mountain? That’s right, they fight. But not with magic spells, but with funny weapons, such as Donuts, Fat Americans and Bananas.

What I did

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Charakterdesign
  • Art
  • Animation

Link to the game



This is it, the most epic mage battle of all times! Almost… Because of your deficit in mana, show your jumping skills to get to those boxes which fall magically from the sky. They may include the right weapons (like bananas and donuts) to make a fool of your opponent and become the most ridiculous, eehm, powerful wizard of all times!

Warning: May include traces of fat americans.


Best played with a gamepad and a friend.


  • Left Stick: Move
  • A: Jump
  • X: Fire

Keyboard 1

  • A/D: Move
  • Space: Jump
  • Left Shift: Fire

Keyboard 2

  • Left/Right: Move
  • Right Shift: Jump
  • Return: Fire


  • Vivian Becker: Art, Level Design
  • Lars Engel: Programming
  • Me: Art, Animations
  • Marcel Jackwerth: Programming
  • Felipe Mahling: Sound
  • Kjell Nehring: Art, UI
  • Christian Oeing: Programming
  • Kjell Otto: Programming

Epic Mage Battle has been created at the InnoGames Game Jam #6.