Smombie Driver 300x

The near future… the year 3000. The world is invaded by smombies. Since everyone is looking at their smartphones all the time, the driving tests have been adjusted: Learner driver have to write messages on their phone while they drive! Will you pass the test and qualify as a citizen on earth in the 31th century? Find it out!

You will need your PC and your Smartphone to play this game. No app is needed you can play the game in your smartphone browser.


Game title: “Smombie Driver

Space of time: 28/11/2016 – 30/11/2016

Coding Language: Unity 3D (Game) + Meteor (App)

Team: 9 people

Background: Developed in 48 hours at the InnoGames Game Jam #11.

Theme: Serious Games

Game (Computer): Windows | OSX | Linux

App (Open URL on Smartphone):

What I did:

Game Design

Sound Design

Tales Of Toast And Time


Tales of Toast and Time is a Point and Click Adventure Game, which follows the journey of a young man on his quest to prepare breakfast for his loved one. Unfortunately his cooking skills are questionable, resulting in the creation of a distortion in time and space. Through the wrap-hole he can travel to what would have been his appartment in the past and what will be there in the future. Why not take that chance to find the perfect breakfast ingredients? See for yourself what this this mans cooking skills can create when defying the laws of time!

This game won the Innogames Game Jam #10 🙂

It was developed in 48 hours at the InnoGames Game Jam.

Theme: Time cheating

Link to the game: Link

What I did

  • Game Design
  • Story Design
  • Animations
  • Sound Design


Nobody Is Attending




Nobody is attending is a HTML5 Point and Click Adventure game inspired by the classics like monkey island.

It won 5 awards: Best in show, Best graphics, best music, best story and the Monty Python Award for best Humor!

The story of this Point and Click adventure is about an unfortunate guy who organized a party. He invited all his friends on AllMyFriendsbook, but on the day of the party he realizes, that nobody plans to attend.

Shocked by this information he decides to go out into the real world to invite other people. But unfortunately all the people he meets have their own problems to solve.

Can you help them, so they become your friends and come to your party? You have ten minutes to make as much people as possible to new friends. After that time the party will start.

How many people can you get to your party? Try it out right now!


An ingame screenshot


Beautiful backgrounds by Iris Dregnat


Our team logo 🙂


This game was developed at the Indie Gameleon Game Jam 2015 in Hamburg in 48 hours.

Theme: Making a positive impact on the real world.


What I did:

  • Characterdesign
  • Animation
  • Further Art Stuff
  • Music & Sounddesign
  • Storydesign (partly)



Our Main Character

Buggy Knights And Dragons

„Buggy Knights and Dragons“ is a game created at Innogames Gamejam #8

It features a small Knight who goes in a dungeon and has to defeat dragons. But the bigger challenge is to handle the crazy physics!

It’s made within 48 hours in Unity 3d.

Animations are done in Spriter2d.


Download it here:


What I did

  • Game Design
  • Art
  • Animation

I Hate Flies!

Oh noes! You left the window open and now there are flies everywhere! Just watch out, so they don’t fly in your eyes!

This game was made for the ludum dare jam in less than 24 hours.

I made the game mostly by myself, but got a little help from a few buddies here and there.

Click here to play the game in your browser.

What I did

  • Game Design
  • Art (Photoshop)
  • Animation (Photoshop/Spriter)
  • Programming (Construct 2)

To The Moon!


Two astronauts are dreaming the dream of being the first man on the moon. Therefore they have to build their rockets and start them before the other one does.

This game was made for the Innogames Gamejam #7 in a team of 8.

Click here for further information and to play the game. (Controllers highly recommended)

What I did

  • Game Design
  • Art
  • Animation

Epic Mage Battle

What happens if the two mightiest wizards of all the time meet each other on the top of the mountain? That’s right, they fight. But not with magic spells, but with funny weapons, such as Donuts, Fat Americans and Bananas.

What I did

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Charakterdesign
  • Art
  • Animation

Link to the game



This is it, the most epic mage battle of all times! Almost… Because of your deficit in mana, show your jumping skills to get to those boxes which fall magically from the sky. They may include the right weapons (like bananas and donuts) to make a fool of your opponent and become the most ridiculous, eehm, powerful wizard of all times!

Warning: May include traces of fat americans.


Best played with a gamepad and a friend.


  • Left Stick: Move
  • A: Jump
  • X: Fire

Keyboard 1

  • A/D: Move
  • Space: Jump
  • Left Shift: Fire

Keyboard 2

  • Left/Right: Move
  • Right Shift: Jump
  • Return: Fire


  • Vivian Becker: Art, Level Design
  • Lars Engel: Programming
  • Me: Art, Animations
  • Marcel Jackwerth: Programming
  • Felipe Mahling: Sound
  • Kjell Nehring: Art, UI
  • Christian Oeing: Programming
  • Kjell Otto: Programming

Epic Mage Battle has been created at the InnoGames Game Jam #6.